Online House Valuation

How much is my house worth?

When putting your property on the market, it is important you find an agent who can efficiently, but also effectively, sell your home at the right price. Using a house valuation calculator, or online valuation form will provide you with a foundation price point, which can then be built upon to get the right market value of your property.

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Our valuations are estimates based on information available from public land registry data. This is only a guide and does not take into consideration the current condition of the property or any improvements made since its last sale. For a more accurate valuation of your property, we advise you to request your local Guild property professional conduct a market appraisal.

What affects house prices?

It is important to remember that there are a number of different factors that could affect the market price of your property. For example, the location of your property will have a lasting impact on the value of your home. House prices drop and rise in different locations every month - so if the house prices in your local area are lower than normal, you shouldn't panic. Researching house prices in your local area could be beneficial as you will gain a better understanding of how the property market is doing at the time you are looking to sell your property. Take a look at our guide to selling a property for more information.